Investigations Division

We provide specialized services in the area of investigations. Our services include: Surveillance, Background Investigations, Fraud Investigations, Insurance Investigations, and Computer Forensics. On a case by case basis we conduct investigations involving family law matters and personal matters.

Consulting Services

We provide consulting services in the area of fraud, physical security, computer forensics and litigation support. We have a background in various areas of law enforcement procedures (warrant writing. interviewing, use of force, regulatory authorities, firearms, search/seizure, arrest powers) and particularly in cross-border issues (immigration and customs).

Training Services

We provide training on various topics including Firearms, Use of Force, First Aid and Protection Officer Training.  We also provide specialized seminars and sessions in the area of investigations, interviewing, warrant writing and powers of arrest.

Technical Services

We provide specialized services in the area of installation of tracking devices, radio communications and technical surveillance counter measures.

We install alarm systems, camera systems and access control equipment.