Welcome to Praetorian Protection Group

Welcome to Praetorian Protection Group

Welcome to Praetorian Protection Group Welcome to Praetorian Protection Group Welcome to Praetorian Protection Group

Who we are


Security Services / Protection Services

PPGL understands the concerns of individuals in both the business and private sectors requiring protection services. Our personal security and executive protection services help to keep important people safe at all times, no matter what their industry. In a changing world where we might be facing civil unrest please contact us for a complete protection solution for you or your business. 


Home Protection / Personal Protection Equipment

We offer equipment and training to protect your home and business.  We have a Use of Force training, firearms training and access to tools for protection. We sell batons, ballistic vests, ballistic shields  to our customers looking to protect themselves.  Our customers include houses of worship, cannabis facilities and an amusement park.


Investigative and Consulting Services

We provide consulting services in the area of fraud, physical security, computer forensics, cross-border compliance and litigation support.  We are a licensed Private Investigations Agency authorized in the Province of Ontario to conduct investigations. 


Training Services

We provide training on various topics including Firearms, Use of Force, First Aid and Protection Officer Training.  We also provide specialized seminars and sessions in the area of investigations, interviewing, warrant writing and powers of arrest.


Technical Services

We provide specialized services in the area of installation of tracking devices, radio communications and technical surveillance counter measures.

We install camera systems, alarm systems and access control devices.

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Office and Training Facility

We have a complete classroom training facility operated in conjunction with Niagara Frontier Academy and Niagara Firearms Training.

Praetorian Protection Group Limited

6009 Valley Way, Niagara Falls, Ontario L2E 1X9, Canada

289-273-2000 We are licensed in the Province of Ontario as a Security Agency and a Private Investigations Agency. Licence Expiry: April 2022 (Dual)

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